Exploring Oxford: Things to Do Near SOAR Dispensary

When you visit SOAR Dispensary in Oxford, you’re not just visiting one of the best cannabis dispensaries in town; you’re also stepping into a hub of activity. Oxford, steeped in history and full of life with a diverse population, has a lot more to offer.

Firstly, next to exploring our meticulously curated selection of cannabis products at SOAR Dispensary, you can kick start your day by visiting the historic Oxford City Centre. It’s filled to the brim with traditional pubs, sophisticated eateries, and high-end boutiques, leaving you spoilt with options for a memorable lunch.

After a delightful meal, why not take a short stroll to the University of Oxford? As the oldest university in the English-speaking world, it’s a treasure trove of architectural gems and intriguing tales. Join an official guided tour to uncover centuries of academic brilliance and tradition.

For nature lovers, Port Meadow awaits your attention. This ancient grazing area offers an expansive green space for you to relax and absorb the natural beauty. It’s also the perfect spot to find your inner zen before continuing your exploration.

To finish your day beautifully, don’t forget to head back to SOAR Dispensary – Oxford. The friendly and knowledgeable staff can help you choose the ideal strain to help you unwind. Whether you’re an aficionado or a newbie to the cannabis culture, they’ve got you covered with high-quality products and sage advice.

So, next time you come to enjoy SOAR’s array of cannabis products, make a day of it. Embrace the historic charm of Oxford city and let the local scene further enhance your experience.