Codes Dispensary: A Vanguard of Recreational and Medical Marijuana in Missouri

Codes Dispensary is a pioneering business in the rapidly evolving world of recreational and medical marijuana. Operating in the heart of Missouri, Codes prides itself on its commitment to quality, safety, and providing a unique customer experience.

Putting Quality at the Heart

Our team at Codes goes the extra mile, curating a broad selection of the highest quality products from leading producers across the country. We also understand that the world of medical marijuana can often be daunting and complex to navigate, which is why our intelligent and empathetic staff is always at hand to guide you.

Reliable and Trustworthy Resource

Whether you’re accessing marijuana on a recreational basis or seeking out a specific medical strain to target a particular ailment, Codes is your one-stop-shop. Our aim is to make your journey into this new world as seamless and beneficial as possible. Trust in our professional experts to steer you to the options that best align to your needs and personally enrich your life.