Celebrating Lives Gracefully: Custom Funeral Arrangements by Flowers by Johnny

For over 30 years, Johnny has been sharing solace and present in the heart of Western New York through his expressive floral works. Based in prominent locations including Cheektowaga, North Tonawanda, Kenmore, Amherst, Tonawanda, and Buffalo, his venture, Flowers by Johnny, specializes in crafting bespoke funeral arrangements, dignifying the sacred ritual of bidding farewell with ethereal beauty.

His arrangements manifest not only his intimate understanding of the region’s local flora, but also his profound philosophy towards life and beyond. To him, every arrangement is custom. That’s because each is crafted to narrate the story of the departed, underlining their passions, tastes, and preferences. Under Johnny’s visionary guidance, our funeral flowers transgress the traditional aesthetics and strive to imbue the essence of the dearly departed’s spirit.

We understand that the process of creating a fitting tribute can be overwhelming during a time of loss. Therefore, our team in Cheektowaga, NY – from the customer care executives to the on-ground florists – work cohesively to aid your journey with compassion, professionalism, and positivity.

Beyond funeral arrangements, we offer an assortment of services, catering to different mourning rites and customs. Whether you require standing sprays, casket designs, or memorial flowers, Johnny and his team endeavour to assist with practiced skill and understanding. Our vision is to transform sorrow into serenity, mirroring the blossoming of hope amidst grief.

Through Flowers by Johnny, the act of paying homage is simplified into an exquisite and intimate affair. Each flower, freshly picked and meticulously placed, synchronizes into a symphony of memories, fostering healing and honoring life.