Making Waves with New Standard in Grand Haven’s ‘High’ Tide!

A wave of change is washing ashore at Grand Haven, MI. And it’s not one brought forth by Lake Michigan, but by New Standard! Beach outings by standardboards are nothing new, but entering a completely different beach by visiting a marijuana dispensary? Now, that’s a wave of change!

Anchoring New Standard in Grand Haven

New Standard is not your typical ‘anchor’ in Grand Haven. Offering the highest quality medical marijuana, this medical dispensary is first-rate healthcare that leans towards the green side. Pop in (*puff* out?) to experience premium service and expertise. As the pioneers in cannabis care, they enjoy helping locals navigate their journeys to better health.

“A Weed on Every Beach”, says Open Sign

Now, forget those ‘Where’s Waldo?’ books and challenge yourself to a trendy new game – ‘Where’s New Standard?’. With various dispensaries near you, there’s a treasure hunt awaiting cannabis enthusiasts. Codename: Marijuana Provisioning Center. No matter where you wander in Grand Haven, you’re never too far from a New Standard store. That’s their version of a ‘permanent wave’ to the city! Come ride this wave of wellness with New Standard.