Navigating the Wonderful World of Cannabis Dispensaries in Southern California

Our journey in the expansive world of cannabis began in 2006 when we founded MMD Shops. We’ve since then grown to be a household name with four strategically located outposts across Southern California. The locals know us, and we’ve had the pleasure of serving thousands of canna-connoisseurs and novices alike.

Embrace the Cannabis Culture with Us

Although known for our array of recreational weed options, we take immense pride in our carefully curated medicinal marijuana repository. Hunting for the most reliable cannabis dispensary near you ends with us! From Los Angeles to Long Beach through Hollywood, and not forgetting Burbank, our pillars stand tall and proud.

At MMD Shops, we adore our community located in the sublime Marina Del Rey and picturesque Santa Monica. Our roster houses exclusive strains, to cater to our diverse consumer base. These localities resonate with a unique vibe of their own, and so do the MMD Shops nestled within them.

Experience the Difference

Ever been curious about what makes us apart from the bystanders? Apart from our rich history, it’s our unwavering commitment to serving only top-quality products – be it recreational weed or medical marijuana. Ensuring product excellence and customer satisfaction has been our hallmark since our establishment in 2006.

Our localized approach curates an experience that’s custom-tailored for our customers in Los Angeles, Long Beach, Hollywood, Marina Del Rey, Burbank, and Santa Monica. Each dispensary is distinct, yet unified by an ethos of premium quality, rooted in the vibrant Southern Californian cannabis culture reflected at MMD Shops. Visit us for an unforgettable encounter with the green goddess.