A Day in the Life of an Uncle Ike’s Customer

Meet Joe. Joe is a Seattle native with a great sense of humor, an affinity for the outdoors, and a love so deep for Uncle Ike’s in White Center, you could mistake it for his job (if he actually had one). Joe might have visited every single Marijuana Dispensary in West Seattle, WA, but no one gets his vibes ticking like Uncle Ike’s.

An Exemplary Shopping Experience

Joe loves the variety. The Recreational Weed Store Seattle, WA based has everything Joe could dream of, and then some. It’s like stepping into a sweet store, except with weed. For Joe, Uncle Ike’s is more than a Marijuana Store. It’s a wonderland that never disappoints.

Location, Location, Location…

From Kirkland, WA to Mercer Island, WA, Joe has trekked through several towns, cities, and back alleys. But nothing beats his local Uncle Ike’s in White Center, WA. As he often jokes, “Why go to Lake City, WA, when White Center is where the action is?” Because for Joe, the action is always at Uncle Ike’s, even if it is just buying weed.